It’ s no secret that the mind holds tremendous power.  Yet, most of us seldom tap into what exactly can tapping into the inner workings to bring tremendous change to your life in love, financial, and spiritual aspects.

I saw this book at Barnes & Noble and immediately picked it up. I’ve heard of it before and when it caught my eyes and quickly read the overview, in my mind I have to buy it. I am fully aware of how the rewiring of your brain can produce massive effect in your life.

secrets of the millionaire mind- t.harv eker

What I was not prepared for was the wealth of information that this book would provide me to expand my mind even further. When the banner on top of the book says ” Think Rich to Become Rich.” Listen, it is not lying to you.

The beginning of the book set to differentiate the different mentality of the poor, middle class, and the rich. It then delves into how our conditioning which includes how we were raised, what we saw our parents do, what we observe around us shape our thinking of money and wealth. There are multiple wealth principle that Author T. Harv Eker present that will help you understand the principles of the rich and wealthy.

I will state two and if you’re curious to know what exactly is meant by that and many more others (believe me, there is plenty more), buy this book.

Wealth principle 1:

Your income can only grow to the extent that you do.

What growth are you willing to go through to expand your money? How uncomfortable are you willing to be?

Wealth principle 2:

If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots.

Ladies and gents, our inner working produces the outer fruits. This two principles are even one fourth of the  tip of the iceberg. Over more, the book goes into helping your understand what is known as Your Money Blueprint. Honestly you have to read the book to truly grasp the full wealth of info on this.

Should I say more? This book gives 17 wealth file principles that will sure have you working on your money right. Atop from that, these principles come with exercises to help you work on those wealth file.

This book is on my nightstand now. I wake up in the morning and actually recite the declaration set in this book, unconsciously as I catch myself and I smile. You won’t be disappointed for ever reading this book honestly. I know am not and I will be revisiting those principles every week. I want to always be aware of my piggy bankand how to have the best relations with it to increase my wealth. What do you say?

If you do get you hands on this book. I wish you happy reading. Come back and let me know if it made any impact on you and if you’ve made success following the principles.

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