Welcome to Convos with Kat.

My name is Katiana and I reside in the Sunny South Florida. I am so excited you decided to give us a visit and hope you come back for many more times.

So what is this community about? Let’s begin by exploring a simple analogy.

The seeds that are planted today is what grows tomorrow. In order for those seeds to grow, they first need to be good seeds, be covered in good soil, be given the proper environment, watered efficiently, and be fed with the love of light.

In turn, when it comes to life, we must learn to plant within ourselves good seeds (thoughts), cover ourselves with good soil (be grounded), provide ourselves the proper environment (good influence), water plenty with good words (Bible, books, positive declarations and intentions), and feed ourselves love daily (self-care, self-love).

Convos with Kat set to spark the conversations that will lead to the exploration and quest to be the person that you are meant to be. A person living in their purpose using the gift of time and youth to bring light to others. We setting the stage to explore what as humans we need to implant within us to bask in this beautiful breath of life that was given to us to live a prosperous life in love unto ourselves and to others in abundance.

Let us use the greatest gift of our mind to plant the seeds given to us to be our best, do our best, and live our best life.

-Katiana B.

Welcome to Convos with Kat!

To living our truest life,


Katiana B.