Working everyday and still your finances don’t reflect one bit of your hard work? You’re not alone. Hello, it’s time to check your piggy bank and know where your money goes.

It’s not unusual to hear the common dialogue of  “Can I hold x amount of dollars until next paycheck?” or I can only pay this bill and I have to be late on the next one.

But why your wallet on such low? Where did the money go? For some, they have to clue and they attribute it to the bills, bills, bills, but you’ll be surprise at how our spending habits affects those  pockets  once you take time to analyze your spending.

Oh and by the way, just because someone is a millionaire does not mean they’re not broke. Some of us those individuals could be deep in debt and drowning just like someone who is working minimum wage. Money is a mindset. Let me tell you something you probably already know, that is no way to live. That’s a living on the edge life that sucks in my opinion.

You may ask, well why is that?

Its all broken down to financial literacy.

It’s not people would not like to be better financially but for most, they were never taught. Financial literacy is something that was always lacking in school and is considered a big fail in America. Many are pushing for it now but still there are many held backs to adding it to school curriculum.

Nearly half of Americans are stating in a survey that they don’t have enough cash to cover a $400 emergency.

pie chart

That says a lot as the cost of such emergencies would be in paid in the form of swiping a credit card if its not already at maximum credit limit. That itself only lead to more debt.

In the end, changes have to be made and those changes are self-made. At what point do you become tired of the paycheck to paycheck and become aware of your financial role in your life? Will you take a class, pick up a book, see a financial advisor?

Somewhere along the line, you have to take responsibility and do a financial check of your expenses, habits, and money traps.

In the end, your relationship with money is an area to look at. I read a book called The Secrets to a Millionaire Mind that delve deeply into money mindset. You will be shock to discover how the money we have is limited to our beliefs. Read it!

I learned to paid off $26,000 plus in credit card debt in a year after wanting to change my life situations with money. That will be another blog thread but the idea is that learn to check your piggy bank. By that, credit card statement. What are you spending on that eating your money unproductively? Yes, money should be used productively, not just be busy spending spending.  What activity, subscriptions you partake on that waste your money? What responsibility you shouldn’t take on like paying you cousin sister cousin rent that should not be your responsibility?

Have a note book and each paycheck, write your pay and subtract what you pay and see what needs to do and remove immediately. Believe me, that extra 10 dollars is a big help.

person hands woman pen

I will explain in another blog thread how I got rid of all my credit debts in one year and also provide you with some tools to help you see where I was coming from. Sign up for my newsletter and don’t miss when it comes out.

Oh and did I mention I also took an Asia trip costing $5000 plus that same year. It’s all possible and its all start with you. See you on the next thread.

Stay tune.

In living our truest lives,


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