Simply put declarations are statement that are made. To declare something is to say it is so and to be done.

We may easily want to say affirmations but to affirm doesn’t mean you’ll do something but to declare you’ll do something is to set the tone that it will be done. Here is a lot of 20 declarations I hope you find helpful to live on daily to reach your maximum potential in life.

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Making Every Day Count Daily Declarations




Enjoy and may your life be bless with abundance.

To living our truest selves,


Posted by:Katiana Blaise

Hi everyone! I'm Katiana. My intentions for life are to live with a positive mindset, grow in love, faith, and prosperity while flowing with life. Currently residing in the sunshine state of Florida, how can life not be bright? Thanks for visiting and I hope something caught your flow and keep you coming back. XOXO, Katiana Blaise

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