Well, “HELLO THERE!”  It is Monday again here to say HELLO!

What a drag most would say except today the excitement is on.

Why you may say?  It’s the last Monday of the year and as always the majority of us is loving it. But you know, it makes me think of how we really don’t appreciate some things until its the last bit of it that’s left.

I never truly understood why most of us have issues with Monday. As a child you know no better, so you hated it due to school- understandable; but as an adult, explain.

Mondays are by far one of the best days of the week if you’re in love with what you doing in life and for so many other things when you think about it. 

Monday’s doesn’t have to be a drag. Contrary to the way most dread Mondays, I am at a point in my life where I look forward to Monday because with each passing Monday I am getting closer to goals I have set for myself. In fact, It actually excites me. You may wonder, well how come?  If I have to be honest, I truly believe there can truly be a bright side to Mondays. 

Here below is what I choose to see and do with my Mondays to make them one of my brightest days and set the tone for a wonderful week. 

1. Meaningfully declare intentions for the week and add meaning to each.

Life is what you make it they say. What you make it involves mentally visualizing and speaking what you want it to be and the acting on those intentions. What are you accomplishing today for your future? Come up with some declarations that you will abide to everyday.

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2. Own the power to openheartedly seek opportunities optimistically and with open-mindedness. 

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The universe is willing to serve you what you seek  and what you truly desire. Be optimistic and be open-minded to what you will receive. As they say sometime you get what you need, not what you wanted.

3. Nurture your mind.

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Feed it good thoughts and energy and it will surely feel good for the day. Pass on the positivity bug. This set the tone to being your best self.

4. Discern the best way to carry out duties and devote oneself to the intentions set.

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Work smarter, not harder they say. Before approaching any tasks, figure out the most effective way that it can be done to avoid time wasting. Work efficiently.

5. Appreciate the current positions and accommodating for what has to do be done right now for the betterment of those intentions I set. 

achievement confident free freedom

Gratitude will take you far. In response, it affects your attitude which can take you even further.

6. Youthfully embracing the present time while working for the future. Make the plan for the rest of the week.


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There is no time like the present although there is a future waiting for you. Utilize time wisely and plan for the future with an awareness of the present.


Finding yourself grumpy about every Mondays demands a life check. I’m sure if you ask a successful person- say an entrepreneur- who love what they do how are they are looking to Monday and believe they will say with eagerness to see what the week will bring. It’s not to say for all of us to go be entrepreneur although that would be great but to show how being in love and successful at what you do makes you actually look forward to doing it. Talk about increasing productiveness. Bonus!

In 2020, I hope we all stop having a annoyed feeling to Mondays for Mondays never did anything but bring forth another week to work and make progress toward intentions to accomplish your goals.

My advice: Love your every Mondays. Work on your future on Mondays.

Don’t let the last Monday of 2020 show you did nothing the whole year to say, YES! I’m ready for every Monday of the rest of my life.

On Mondays we pick lemons to make lemonade for the whole week. Let’s have lemonade a drink.

In living our truest lives,


Posted by:Katiana Blaise

Hi everyone! I'm Katiana. My intentions for life are to live with a positive mindset, grow in love, faith, and prosperity while flowing with life. Currently residing in the sunshine state of Florida, how can life not be bright? Thanks for visiting and I hope something caught your flow and keep you coming back. XOXO, Katiana Blaise

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