We do enough over thinking  on the daily so one thing I wish to not overthink is salad. They are so easy to make and more often than not, you already have the ingredients in your kitchen. If not, then its time to get your shopping on and always have these things for a quick fix you up. Not to mention the health benefits of having your leafy low carb fix that day. WINNING! So Let’s dive into these three under ten minutes salads.


chicken avocado salad. protein fill salad

Ingredients: lettuce, BBQ chicken( can be freshly cook or leftover) -mines was left over,-, and Avocado. Simply toss together after. No dressing was added as the BBQ flavor was good enough for me but feel free to add some if needed.


salad with eggs and avocado. protein full salad

Ingredients: lettuce (store brought mixed pack), boiled eggs (2), croutons, Kraft chipotle dressing. Toss together and enjoy.


salad with eggs, spinach. protein fill salad

Ingredients: lettuce (store brought mixed pack), boiled eggs (2), spinach added by me, Kraft chipotle dressing. Toss together and enjoy.

As can be seen, one of the major components to me when it comes to salad is to always have some protein. Many will complain that salad is not filling unless you have Olive Garden salads that for some reason always fills me and I can’t even get to my main course. Needless to say, I have a fast metabolism so not adding some form of protein would be like eating paper. Nope, would never work with me.

Alternatively be creative with your salads. You can add chick peas which are very filling, black or red beans. Make your salad healthy but also make it you.

Happy Salading. Yes! I made that up.

In living our truest lives,


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